About Us

Dr. Evan Goldstein, D.O.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Evan Goldstein, D.O.

Furthering his training with an internship and residency in General Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center exposed him to a high-level of surgical acuity and a vast array of pathology, which allowed him to analyze systems-based practices and the deliverance of highly specialized care. Upon completion he took a full time academic position at Maimonides Medical Center, honing his skill-set and transitioning from hospitalized care to the private sector.

Being exposed to a mediocre clinic-based system at various institutions spawned the formation of Bespoke Surgical, a private specialized healthcare institute focusing on the prevention and restoration of man. Dr. Evan Goldstein sets his surgical practice apart by providing concierge-style medical services to the modern male. Understanding clients expectations within today’s medical climate allows for the delivery of superlative care.

Outside of the office, Dr. Evan Goldstein and his partner Andrew Yu reside on the Upper West Side with their twin boys. Being an out surgeon has truly allowed him to serve his community with a knowledge and focus that is beyond his counterparts. Clients can truly sense the professional knowledge he possesses in his field, and a relationship is formed that lasts beyond the consultation.

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