Anal Dilation Services

Anal Dilation Services

Understanding anal anatomy and muscular contractility is a must in sexual education, all in the hopes of long lasting and powerful experiences. Unfortunately, the knowledge of correct playing has been lacking in most educational curriculums and even in the majority of physicians’ offices. As it pertains to anything in anal play, one must think of the sphincter as having two major functions: contractility and relaxation. Most people have a difficult time with complete relaxation, during both defecation and intercourse. The key component to better bottoming is practice, practice, and more practice! This stems from creating the neural mechanism from the brain to the ass to improve that relaxation when called upon. One is sorely (no pun intended) mistaken to think one can just shove a penis, toy, or other object into the anus and have it be pleasurable. It takes time and patience and in order to have a fruitful encounter, while minimizing injury, dilation is key — both before you ever start engaging anally and also in between the times of when you do engage. Like any other muscle, your sphincter need constant exercise and if it doesn’t experience that relaxation control, it will go back to being too tight, accompanied with painful experiences or even worse — anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and the like. An anal dilation trainer kit is the best recommendation and usually comes with 3-4 different sizes, which increase in both length and girth.


Dr. Goldstein recommends starting anal dilation with the smallest toy for a week or two, using a significant amount of a water or toy-approved lube. The most convenient time and place for such play is either before showering or during, while in the shower. Over the course of 3-5 minutes, one should insert the toy about 4-5cm into the anus, right beyond where the muscle lies. It will take 4-6 times to insert because those muscles need time to relax. If met with resistance, pull the toy out, re-lubricate, and do it again.One may feel discomfort during the rectal dilation process — this is completely normal — but cease use if you witness any pain. Even if you think you can take more, still start with the smallest toy and use consistently for a week or two before graduating to the next size up and then repeat the same process over the subsequent weeks. It takes time and the key is more mental control of how one can contract or relax and learn to control like any other muscle we have. If one has ever topped someone and they can completely open their anus, it’s not due to looseness, but rather more about anal control. If any issues arise during this process, please make an appointment to see Dr. Goldstein so that he can help get you on the right path. There may be other factors at play, which are limiting one’s ability to successfully bottom. In the next section, Dr. Goldstein will discuss Botox and how it may help move the dilation process along.


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