Anal Rejuvenation

What is anal rejuvenation?

Anal rejuvenation is a type of surgery that focuses on restoring the form, function and aesthetics of the anus. Anal reconstruction procedures focus on tightening the sphincter muscles to restore their elasticity. Most clients present Dr. Goldstein with an anal pathology that limits their life. Fissures or cuts, hemorrhoids, skin tags – these things cause hindrance to sexual engagement. Of course, these physical issues need to be tended to, but with an acute understanding of maintaining ideal aesthetic and long-term functional needs, including sexual engagement.

Anal rejuvenation highlights this philosophy. This particular field of science bodes heavily on the preoperative assessment and genuine understanding, the surgical knowledge that caters to Bespoke Surgical’s three pillars of form, function, and aesthetics, and most importantly, the post-operative interventions and follow up to achieve true form and function.

With several pathologies, the initial concern, injury, or trauma may have healed in a way that aesthetically is not optimal and/or the overall function has been compromised. Understanding our clients’ overall goal or goals allows a treatment approach to be tailored towards rejuvenation. Removal of extra skin tags and/or anal tightening of the orifice if over-distension is an issue allows for re-alignment.

Anal Rejuvenation Procedures

Anal rejuvenation and reconstruction procedures include:

  • Anal tightening for loss of control, lessened sensation during penetration, or just that added “pucker” to the aesthetics
  • Relaxation with scar revision if difficulty with defecation and/or penetration
  • Botox injection for primary healing of secondary procedures and assisting in the relaxation of both native skin and muscle
  • External skin and scar revision with both excision and laser/cautery application
  • Symmetrical surgical alignment with contralateral symmetry


All anal rejuvenation treatments are provided with the truest of understanding how function and form correlate with aesthetics. The world of gay anal surgery is beyond the operative procedure and requires a thorough understanding of how the tissue heals and later functions. The postoperative course and follow up allows the individualized aesthetics to be realized and over the ensuing months, a home remedy of dilation and anal play brings the form and function to light.

Why is this important? Because sexual identity in any community is of the utmost importance and Bespoke Surgical understands this. We not only get it, but we fix it and rejuvenate it.

Case Study:

“My boyfriend fits beyond the bill for me. I have to pinch myself regularly to make sure that our relationship is actually real, since I feel so unworthy of such a magical prince. When we first met, he was pure bottom and couldn’t get enough of me inside him, but as time went on, the sensation diminished and anal play just wasn’t successful. Both he and I couldn’t reach orgasm, let alone even sometimes keep our erections. It was like he had become too “loose” and to boot, started to develop some extra skin in the region. I could sense him becoming quite self-conscious, developing shame in these unforeseen circumstances. I even overheard him say to a friend, “I have all the exterior looks that make people everywhere turn and stare, but I’ve lost the one beautiful thing that gave me my sensuality in private. Losing this could sacrifice not only my sex life, but also my sexual identity and even worse, my current relationship.” Hearing all of this made me search for what options may be available to help, but first I needed to figure out how to have the courage to confront him and discuss these super important issues. One night, we finally had the most amazing conversation about everything in our relationship and he was so happy that I brought it up. I told him my research led me to anal rejuvenation and it seemed like Bespoke Surgical had the solution we so badly sought out. We defined what the term “anal rejuvenation” meant to us with his symptoms of extra skin and an increase in elasticity. Dr. Goldstein performed a same-day procedure with removal and tightening of both the muscle and overlying skin, and some superficial resurfacing to complement the symmetry. It definitely took some time to heal and then re-dilating to accept toys and of course, me. But it was totally worth it — it’s now tight, puckered, and winks when we want. It has helped our sex world tremendously and most importantly, the mental ramifications that coincided with his symptoms.”


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